Enjoy an unusual trip to the Hradec Králové forests.

A ride on a tourist train offers the opportunity to see the beautiful nature and interesting places in the forest, even for those who, due to age or health, cannot go on long trips. But it will also excite children of all ages.

The stops take place at the Na Větvi park, at Rytířské Hradiště (the route leads around the Výskyt pond) and the coops with wood animals.

The train departs from the campsite reception.

Date: every Thursday from 9.00; 11.00; 13:00 and 15.00
Driving time: 2 hours
Price: 50 CZK - paid by the driver

Come to Stříbrný rybník

  • Camp Stříbrný rybník
  • Lhotecká 183/95; Malšova Lhota 500 09 Hradec Králové
  • GPS: 50°12'11.91"N 15°53'39.98"E

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