Immediately upon arrival, campsite visitors shall report their arrival at the reception desk, where they shall handle the necessary paperwork and are assigned an accommodation unit, a place for their caravan or tent. Only persons who duly register at the reception desk located at the entrance to the premises may be accommodated in the campsite area, presenting an identity card and paying an accommodation fee. In special cases, the Accommodation Provider may assign accommodation to guests that does not differ substantially from the order, even after a binding order confirmation. The visitor is obliged to attach a proof of accommodation visibly to their tent, caravan, cabin or bungalow, with the date of the end of the stay indicated. Owners of motor vehicles shall attach a proof of fee payment to a visible part of the vehicle dashboard or window. Every person accommodated in the premises is obliged to observe the accommodation rules so as not to disturb the stay of others.



1.                  Introductory Provisions

Městské lesy Hradec Králové a.s., with its registered office at Přemyslova 219, Hradec Králové - Nový Hradec Králové, post code 50008, Company ID: 25962523, VAT ID: CZ25962523, registered by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, Section B, File 2220 (hereinafter referred to as the Accommodation Provider), provides accommodation services on the premises of the Stříbrný rybník Campsite at the address Lhotecká 183/95, Hradec Králové, post code: 500 09.

2.                  Formation of Contractual Relationship

The contractual relationship between the Accommodation Provider and the accommodated guest (or the party ordering the accommodation, hereinafter referred to as the Guest or the Ordering Party) is established on the basis of a confirmed accommodation order. The order may be placed on the website

or by e-mail to The order must contain the duration of the stay, the number of persons and the Ordering Party identification. The Accommodation Agreement is concluded on the day when the Accommodation Provider confirms the accommodation order.  The Ordering Party who has placed the accommodation order is responsible for the obligations of all the participants specified in the order or agreement.


3.                  Payment Terms

The accommodation price is specified in the accommodation price list, which is available at After receiving the order from the Ordering Party, the Accommodation Provider shall send the Ordering Party an e-mail with an accommodation price calculation and accommodation terms and conditions. After confirmation of this e-mail by the Ordering Party, an invoice will be sent to the Ordering Party for the entire amount of the accommodation price. The Ordering Party is obliged to pay at least 50% of the accommodation price within 10 days of the invoice issue. A binding order confirmation is sent to the Ordering Party upon receipt of the payment to the Accommodation Provider’s account. At least 30 days before the start of the accommodation, the invoice must be paid in full, i.e., credited to the Accommodation Provider’s account. If an order is cancelled, the Ordering Party shall pay cancellation fees as specified in point 4 of these Accommodation Terms and Conditions. The Accommodation Provider is entitled to set off the cancellation fee against the advance paid. If the Ordering Party fails to pay the agreed advance by the specified date, the Accommodation Provider is entitled to withdraw from the agreement. In the case of tourists arriving at the campsite without a pre-agreed order, all the requirements for accommodation are dealt with on an individual basis at the campsite reception desk, according to the applicable rules on accommodation and prices at the campsite. The accommodation is always paid for at the time of arrival and reporting at the reception desk and before accommodation at the campsite.


4.                  Cancellation Terms and Conditions

If an order is cancelled, the Ordering Party is obliged to pay cancellation fees as specified in this clause. The Accommodation Provider is entitled to set off the cancellation fee against the advance paid. If the Ordering Party fails to pay the agreed advance by the specified date, the Accommodation Provider is entitled to withdraw from the agreement. By paying the advance pursuant to this clause, the Ordering Party confirms being familiar with the services, price, payment and other terms and conditions, accommodation terms and conditions and, in particular, cancellation terms and conditions. The Ordering Party shall pay the remaining amount of the total price of accommodation no later than 30 days before starting the accommodation. If the period is extended beyond the scope specified in the order or agreement, the Ordering Party is obliged to pay the difference in question. The Ordering Party shall notify the Accommodation Provider of the change or cancellation of an order for accommodation services in writing to the following e-mail address: The Accommodation Provider shall confirm cancellation to the Ordering Party. The Ordering Party is obliged to pay cancellation fees for the accommodation ordered and then cancelled to the following extent:


28 – 0 days before starting the accommodation – 100% of the total price of the accommodation ordered and then cancelled


2 – 0 days before starting the accommodation – 100% of the total price of the accommodation ordered and then cancelled. In the event of cancellation earlier than 2 days before the start of accommodation, the cancellation fees shall not be charged.

The day of starting the accommodation is the day on which the Ordering Party or other persons specified in the order were supposed to start their accommodation (persons specified in the order may be given as only a number of persons).


5.                  Cancellation insurance and insurance of liability for damage to the accommodation facility - STANDARD

When booking accommodation, or until an issued accommodation invoice is paid in full (i.e., no later than 30 days prior to the start of accommodation), a cancellation insurance can be arranged in the amount of 5% of the total invoiced amount. The insurance subsequently covers 80% of the cancellation fees. The cancellation insurance also applies in the event of COVID-19 illness of all members of the booked stay. Liability insurance in the accommodation facility covers up to CZK 50,000.

Information on insurance can be found here:

Detailed insurance terms and conditions here:


6.                  Customer's Rights and Obligations

The Ordering Party is entitled to:

- provision of services specified for accommodation;

- claim possible defects and request their removal;

- be notified of any changes to the accommodation;

- at any time before the start of the accommodation, withdraw from the agreement provided that the cancellation fee is paid (see point 4).

The Ordering Party is obliged to:

-                     pay the entire accommodation price no later than 30 days before the start of the accommodation;

-                     follow the accommodation instructions, respect the Accommodation Provider’s representative’s instructions;

-                     check the necessary documents before departure, report any discrepancies to the Accommodation Provider’s representative;

-                     correctly indicate their identification details and those of the persons for whom the accommodation is arranged;

-                     the Guest is entitled to use the campsite facilities at their own risk; in the area of the natural swimming pool and beaches, the Guest is obliged to obey instructions of campsite workers; bathing in the Stříbrný rybník natural swimming pool is at their own risk and a shower is recommended after bathing;

-                     water slide and water amusements – users of the water slide and other water amusements are obliged to comply with their operating rules and to follow instructions of lifeguards and operators. All facilities (water slide and other water amusements) are the responsibility of their operator; in case of non-compliance with these instructions, using the water slide and other water amusements at own risk;

-                     report staying dogs: dogs and other animals may be accommodated provided that the owner demonstrates on request their fit condition (vaccination card with indication of valid vaccination). The owner is liable for the dog (or other animal) for the entire period of the stay. The price of pet accommodation corresponds with the current price list. Dog owners are obliged to ensure that dogs do not run freely and are muzzled! Dogs are prohibited at the beach. Bathing and washing of dogs in the pond by the campsite is also prohibited! Owners are also obliged to clear away their dogs’ (or other animals’) excrement. If the dog owner fails to comply with these requirements, they may be sanctioned with a fine of up to CZK 10,000;

-                     observe the quiet hours between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am.  At the time of one-off collective events, the time of night quiet is changed on the basis of an exception issued by the Hradec Králové Municipal Authority. If events run by the campsite operator take place in the campsite, the quiet hours are set from 1 am to 8 am;

-                     keep quiet throughout the day and do not disturb other guests with shouting, noisy singing, excessive amplification of recorded music, etc.;

-                     use the chip for opening the gate at the main entrance, which the visitor will receive before the start of accommodation at the campsite reception desk. After applying the chip, the gate will remain open for 15 seconds. If the gate is in motion, the chip must not be re-applied. Vehicles must not remain in the middle of the gate. The Accommodation Provider is not liable for any damage to vehicles by the gate;

-                     there is a risk of immediate termination of accommodation in case of gross and continuous violation of the rules.


7.                  The Accommodation Provider's Rights and Obligations

-                     to cancel accommodation due to a defect of accommodation facilities or other unforeseeable events that make it impossible for the Accommodation Provider to accommodate customers; to cancel accommodation with immediate effect if there is a higher number of persons in the accommodation unit than reported, or if there is an arbitrary increase in their number during the stay without the Accommodation Provider’s consent; to cancel accommodation if there is a violation of the smoking ban or use of naked flame; to cancel accommodation if the accommodated person or cohabiting persons arrive under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics or psychotropic substances;

-                     to cancel accommodation in the event of rude behaviour and physical violence;

-                     to cancel accommodation in the case of invalid personal documents;

-                     to cancel accommodation in the event of theft of personal items from other guests or theft of items owned by the campsite;

-                     to cancel accommodation in the case of intervention with the power grid;

-                     in the event of an accident, illness, theft, etc., the Accommodation Provider shall provide the necessary assistance to deal with the incident, but shall not pay for any medical treatment, medication, etc. for the participant;

-                     the Accommodation Provider is not liable for damage caused due to adverse weather, traffic gridlock and other reasons beyond its control. For these reasons, the customer is not entitled to withdraw from the pre-agreed accommodation;

-                     the Accommodation Provider is not liable for damage arising for the Ordering Party due to the so-called “force majeure”;

-                     during the summer season, i.e., July to August, to bear the annual costs and ensure the functioning of the campsite sanitary facilities even for public needs. Outside the months specified above, it is possible to provide sanitary facilities by agreement.


8.                  During accommodation at the Stříbrný rybník Campsite, the Visitor agrees with the “Visitor’s assurance of safety of their own electrical equipment connected to the campsite distribution board”.

I, the Visitor to the Stříbrný rybník Campsite holiday area, am aware that electrical equipment can cause significant damage, including a serious threat to people. I acknowledge that the connection point for my electrical equipment is a fixed socket in a socket distribution board. I hereby assure you that the electrical equipment that I am going to connect to the socket is in compliance with valid regulations and ČSN standards, is not defective, i.e., it is not damaged and cannot cause a risk to the safety of both persons and property.


9.                  Violation of Accommodation Terms and Conditions

The Accommodation Terms and Conditions are available in full at the campsite reception desk, on the signboards and at In the event of a violation of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions, the Guest is immediately excluded from the holiday area without financial compensation, i.e., without refund of the amount paid for meals and accommodation.


10.              Conclusion

It is the duty of each Guest to know the Accommodation Terms and Conditions and the Campsite Visitor Rules, which are binding for accommodated guests and visitors to the campsite.


Městské lesy Hradec Králové a.s.
Přemyslova č.p. 219, 500 08 Hradec Králové
IČ: 25962523; DIČ: CZ25962523
Společnost zapsaná v KS v Hradci Králové, oddíl B, vložka 2220
Person in charge:
tel. +420 702 270 288, e-mail:

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