1.        The Campsite Visitor Rules apply to the dedicated area for tents, caravans, cabins and other accommodation units in the Stříbrný rybník compound, the operator of which is Městské lesy Hradec Králové a.s., with its registered office at Přemyslova 219, Hradec Králové - Nový Hradec Králové, post code 50008, Company ID: 25962523, VAT ID: CZ25962523.

2.        Only a citizen who checks in at the reception desk at the entrance to the premises may be accommodated in the campsite area, presenting an identity card (citizen card or passport) and paying an accommodation fee. Any person accommodated in a tent or caravan shall place the accommodation document in a visible position for permanent inspection. Owners of motor vehicles shall attach proof of fee payment to a visible part of the dashboard or window.

3.        In special cases, the guest may be given a slightly different, but comparable accommodation which does not substantially deviate from the binding confirmed order.

4.        The Ordering Party may cancel or change an order that has been confirmed by the Accommodation Provider in writing. The Ordering Party is obliged to pay cancellation fees for the accommodation ordered and subsequently cancelled in accordance with the Accommodation Terms and Conditions.

5.        Upon departure from and return to the premises, guests shall identify themselves with a card with a valid proof of accommodation.

6.        The use of the campsite is allowed only to citizens who are not germ carriers and are not suffering from infectious or parasitic diseases, or who have not been ordered to receive increased health surveillance or quarantine.

7.        Unless the accommodation period has been agreed otherwise, the start of the stay is from 2:00 pm. The guest shall leave the accommodation unit no later than 10:00 am on the day of the end of the stay, tents and caravans shall leave the accommodation no later than 12:00 noon. If the guest fails to comply with this deadline, the Accommodation Provider is entitled to charge the accommodation price for the next day as well.

8.        A guest who checks in before 6 am shall pay the price of accommodation for the entire preceding night.

9.        Guests pay for accommodation in advance.

10.    At the end of the stay in the accommodation unit, the guest shall take off the used bed linen, turn off the lights, close the water taps, close the windows and doors and return the key to the reception desk or the accommodation unit caretaker.

11.    The accommodation units are a non-smoking zone. Moving of furniture and other interior modifications are prohibited inside the accommodation units. Bicycles, scooters, etc., do not belong in the cabin living area.

12.    Citizens accommodated in the campsite are obliged to take care of cleanliness and order, and to respect protective zones of water resources. Tents may be pitched and vehicles may be parked only in dedicated areas. It is forbidden to wash dishes in the washrooms. The central kitchen area is intended for dishwashing. Brushing teeth with environmentally polluting means is prohibited at outdoor drinking water hydrants. Guests are obliged to comply with the decrees of the Hradec Králové Municipal Authority.

13.    Guests are obliged to place municipal waste only in designated containers in designated places. Disposal of other waste is not allowed in the entire campsite.

14.    Quiet must be maintained between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am. At the time of one-off collective events, the time of night quiet is changed on the basis of an exception issued by the Hradec Králové Municipal Authority. If events run by the campsite operator take place in the campsite, the quiet hours are set from 1 am to 8 am.

15.    It is necessary to maintain peace in the campsite even during the day and not disturb other guests with shouting, noisy singing, excessive amplification of recorded music, etc. In the case of gross and continuous violation of the rules, there is a risk of immediate termination of accommodation.

16.    During the summer season, i.e., July to August, the operator undertakes to bear the annual costs and ensure the functioning of the campsite sanitary facilities even for public needs. Outside the months specified above, it is possible to provide sanitary facilities by agreement.

17.    Excessive use of alcoholic beverages and any psychotropic substances inside the campsite premises is prohibited. Bringing chemicals and explosives to the premises and handling them is prohibited.

18.    Making of fires is permitted only in designated places and duly marked by the campsite operator.

19.    Demarcation of tents with ditches or by other means is not permitted.

20.    Washing and maintenance of motor vehicles is strictly prohibited throughout the premises.

21.    All visitors and persons present on the campsite premises may park motor vehicles only in designated locations, subject to the consent of the campsite operator. The campsite operator reserves the right to tow away a car that is parked in breach of this provision, i.e., in a place that is not reserved for parking and based on consent.

22.    The guest is liable for damage caused to the Accommodation Provider’s property pursuant to applicable regulations.

23.    For safety reasons, guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances in the campsite premises. This regulation does not apply to small electrical appliances for personal hygiene.

24.    For safety reasons, leaving unaccompanied children in the accommodation premises is not permitted.

25.    Children's playgrounds (swings, slides, climbing frames, etc.) may only be used by children in the presence of an adult (parent, teacher, etc.). The campsite hereby warns guests not to leave children unsupervised in the playground. The Stříbrný rybník Campsite is not liable for possible injuries or damage to health.

26.    Ball games and other sports may only be played on the pitch or in places designated for this purpose. All sports activities on the campsite premises are carried out by guests at their own risk. The Stříbrný rybník Campsite is not liable for possible injuries or damage to health.

27.    Dogs and other animals may be accommodated provided that the owner demonstrates, on request, their fit health (vaccination card indicating the current vaccination). The owner is liable for the dog (or other animal) for the entire period of the stay. The price of pet accommodation corresponds with the current price list. Dog owners are obliged to ensure that dogs do not run freely and are muzzled! Dogs are prohibited at the beach. Bathing and washing of dogs in the pond by the campsite is also prohibited! Owners are also obliged to clear away their dogs’ (or other animals’) excrement. If the dog owner fails to comply with these requirements, they may be sanctioned with a fine of up to CZK 10,000.

28.    Bathing in the Stříbrný rybník pond is at your own risk. The campsite shall not be liable for any injury or damage to health.

29.    The Stříbrný rybník Campsite shall not be liable for any loss or damage to guests’ property unless caused by a campsite employee. Things left lying around are not guarded.

30.    No part of the campsite premises is a guarded parking lot. Cars or other means of transport located on the premises are not guarded. The Stříbrný rybník Campsite is therefore not liable for their possible damage or theft. The maximum permitted vehicle speed throughout the entire premises is 20 km/h.

31.    The campsite premises are monitored with a camera system of the campsite operator connected to the Hradec Králové Municipal Police. Each guest acknowledges that they may be monitored with this camera system, and agrees with this.

32.    Every guest must become familiar with these Visitor Rules and must comply with them. By paying the accommodation or ticket, the guest declares that they are familiar with these Visitor Rules and the Accommodation Terms and Conditions.

33.    The Campsite Visitor Rules are binding for all those who stay in the campsite area and accommodation units. Any person who violates the Campsite Visitor Rules will be ordered out of campsite and the accommodation units without compensation. In the event of damage or destruction of the accommodation facility, the person is charged with the amount according to the actual amount of the damage caused.

34.    If the stay is prematurely terminated by the guest, the Accommodation Provider does not return any money.

35.    The Campsite Visitor Rules can be found in every cabin, mobile home, TRAMP tent and on the campsite public notice board, on the campsite website and on the notice board at the campsite entrance.

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