“Forests with a tradition of over 700 years”

The city of Hradec Králové received its forests by gift from the Roman King Albrecht in 1307. In the coming centuries, their area has gradually increased. In 1931, the area of Municipal Forests increased to almost double by purchasing a part of Margrave Pallavicini’s dominion. Today, 3,800 hectares of forest, including ponds and other land, are owned by the Statutory City of Hradec Králové. Since 1991, they have been managed by Městské lesy Hradec Králové, a budgetary organisation that was transformed to a joint-stock company in 2001.

At the request of the owner, the vast majority of our forests (98%) have been classified as special purpose forest - peri-urban forests with increased recreational function.

There are many opportunities in our forests for walks, sport and instruction. Check out our new products: http://www.mestske-lesy.cz/tipy-na-vylet/

Come to Stříbrný rybník

  • Camp Stříbrný rybník
  • Lhotecká 183/95; Malšova Lhota 500 09 Hradec Králové
  • GPS: 50°12'11.91"N 15°53'39.98"E

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