Hygiene and safety rules

We think about your safety, so we place great emphasis on compliance with safety and hygiene rules throughout our campsite.

We pay attention to compliance with the valid measures of the Ministry of Health or resolutions of the Government of the Czech Republic. Please help us in this and think about your health yourself. Follow rule 3 R - hands, veils / respirators, spacing.


How do we take care of hygienic safety in our camp?

  • We regularly disinfect everything in common areas, in individual accommodation units and at the reception. In addition to the classic disinfection, we also use ozonators, which perfectly clean the premises (cottages, mobile homes, sanitary facilities, etc.).
  • After the departure of the guests, the accommodation unit is always properly cleaned, cleaned and additionally treated with ozonators. When handling the used material (eg bed linen), we take care that there is no contamination with clean.
  • Hand disinfection is available at reception and at the entrance to the common buildings. Disinfectant soap is a matter of course in both accommodation units and central sanitary facilities.
  • It is regularly ventilated in accommodation units and common rooms.
  • We support contactless payments and accommodation reservations.
  • We regularly check the camp staff for respiratory problems or other signs of COVID-19.
  • Each guest must demonstrate infectivity at check-in. Staff will check the guest for signs of respiratory disease or other signs of COVID-19.
  • We regularly train our staff in compliance with hygiene rules and current measures of the Ministry of Health or resolutions of the Czech government.

Come to Stříbrný rybník

  • Camp Stříbrný rybník
  • Lhotecká 183/95; Malšova Lhota 500 09 Hradec Králové
  • GPS: 50°12'11.91"N 15°53'39.98"E

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