Dear campsite clients,

in accordance with the applicable legislation, we provide you with information related to your order for stay and other services at the Stříbrný rybník Campsite, which is related to the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

1.                  Processing of Personal Data

At the moment of demonstrating your interest in the accommodation service, by placing an order or concluding an Agreement, the campsite obtains the Customer’s (Ordering Party’s) personal data, i.e., the name and surname (ID number, VAT number), address of residence (address of establishment), e-mail delivery address, and telephone number. These data are mandatory and are used to uniquely identify the customer (Ordering Party) and thus to enter into a valid contractual relationship for a certain requested service.

When starting the accommodation for the given list of personal data, the number of the valid personal document of the customer (the customer) and the vehicle license plate are added.

In the event that the Customer (Ordering Party) uses the online payment option for the provided performance via the electronic payment gateway/payment terminal, it is also the identification data of the payment card necessary for the execution of the electronic payment transaction via the Customer’s (Ordering Party’s) payment card to the extent required by the external operator of the payment gate/payment terminal.

In the case of a complaint/withdrawal from the Agreement, in addition to the personal data provided, it may also be the Customer’s (Ordering Party’s) bank account number based on a possible cashless transfer of funds to their account.

The Customer (Ordering Party) is responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the personal data provided.

The above-mentioned personal data are processed by the campsite for the purpose of performing: services offered, legal obligations (in particular in the accounting and tax fields), obligations necessary to ensure protection of rights and exercise of legal claims of the company, for the purpose of recording local recreational fees and transmission to the competent authority. If the Client is not a citizen of the Czech Republic, the campsite shall keep the Client’s personal data in the register for the foreign police and make them available in accordance with the obligations (to the extent of the data according to the applicable legislation).

Personal data are processed by the controller - the company Městské lesy Hradec Králové a.s., Přemyslova 219, Hradec Králové – Nový Hradec Králové, post code 50008, which operates the Stříbrný rybník Campsite, e-mail: , web:, for the purpose of provision of services according to an Agreement or order. The controller shall protect all personal data handled and processed by him or her against misuse by appropriate and available means within the framework of the organisational and technical measures adopted.

The provided personal data is authorised by the Městské lesy Hradec Králové to process and collect for the duration of the contractual relationship with the Customer (Ordering Party) and another 5 years beginning at the end of the accounting period in which the contractual relationship ended (in particular due to the requirements of the Accounting Act No. 563/1991).

In case of interest, the campsite's Clients may request information about the personal data being processed, request a copy of the personal data processed and request deletion of such personal data. The campsite’s Client may request such information in writing at the following address:

Městské lesy Hradec Králové, Přemyslova 219, Hradec Králové, post code 50008, or at the e-mail address, and the data controller is obliged to comply with the campsite within 30 days.

2.                  Camera System

The operation of the camera system, which is connected directly to the Hradec Králové Municipal Police, in accordance with legal regulations, contributes to improving the security of the campsite clients and the protection of property, including theft and damage and protection against vandalism.

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